Competence with the market and materials. Worlwide

In addition to careful planning, the quality of the products and materials used is decisive for how well a facade performs and how long it lasts. Our knowledge is guaranteed and supported by our experience and application-oriented research in the Facade Lab. The exact definition of the materials to be used, their quality criteria and how they should be processed is part of our range of services.

  • Preparation of the orders for all necessary materials
  • Checking the technical data submitted for the materials
  • Comparison of the materials proposed by the contractor with the specified materials
  • Development of project-specific quality criteria, e.g. for facade profiles
  • Finding the best price around the world and global market research
  • Cut lists for fixed length optimization, gating angle, surface treatment, allocation to assemblies and construction lots
  • Identifying and establishing surface sizes and qualities
  • Determination of material tolerances, hole and milling patterns, weld seam designs, glass specifications, edge processing, etc.
  • Breaking down the material order quantities depending on the design types, delivery times and production or assembly sequences
  • Material order codes for prefabricated parts such as laser cuts or sheet metal edge parts, turned and cast parts, complete assemblies and glazing