As quickly as possible, as much as possible and all at the lowest possible cost, but with the agreed qualities and applicable standards. This is often the objective. Priedemann has long relied on the advantages of digital tools and computer-assisted procedures. This is how we keep the progressive automation of further production areas as well as the increasing complexity of machines and processes under control. AND we create and deliver the data sets to control these machines and processes.

We look at digital production on two levels, that of machines and their maintenance, and the level of the production process. We design the production and process level under the premise of achieving maximum efficiency. For this purpose, processes are simulated digitally and facades are modeled in 3D. We prepare the computer-based adaptation and implementation of the design to match the production conditions (Design For Manufacturability DFM). We generate suitable CAD data (Computer Aided Design), which we transfer into CNC data (Computer Numerical Control) for subsequent production.