Thinking ahead in detail

Priedemann develops the facade concept for planning ready for approval – taking into account all planning principles and requirements determined up to that point, e.g. the climate plan, building technology and building statics.

  • Detailed hand-drawn sketches
  • CAD-based layout plans and CAD-guided details
  • 3-dimensional analysis of the shell of the building for complex facades
  • Selection of the materials and type of facade
  • Drafting of the facade plan on the basis of the building physics and acoustic specifications
  • Integration of fire safety and smoke extraction plans
  • Security requirements are taken into consideration
  • Collaboration on the overall design so that it can be approved
  • Joint design, joint width and depth in accordance with the building movements identified and relevant tolerances
  • Documentation in report form
  • Ongoing updating and further development of the design, cost estimate and construction scheduling
  • Support in the planning and implementation of 1:1 facade samples to ensure that the design is progressing as intended, e.g. in design-and-build processes