Cross - Over

A facade, inspired by the crystalline structure of copper molecules, this is the symbol of the Russian Copper Company RMK. The facade consists of a latticework of pyramids, the sides of which serve as protection from the sun, so that the high summer sun is shielded and the low winter sun can provide additional heat for the building.

The facade reflects the office units, which are organized over 2 floors each. This creates elements of up to 6 × 12 meters with a weight of up to 12 tons. Sounds like a highly complex task – sounds like a classic case for Priedemann.

We came on board with the contract for the implementation planning, tendering and the cleaning plan. Later on there was a requirement for Russian materials and products and local production.

This raised concerns as to whether the proposed design could even be implemented. We met these doubts head on and suggested changing from planning to implementation in order to transfer our planning know-how into the engineering phase.

Our change from Foster + Partners to the Russian client side and the continuous project support ensured that the proposed design could be delivered. From then on we were responsible for all of the engineering with system designs, glass and facade structural analysis, thermal building physics, construction planning and manufacturing documentation.. And also for the test and visual mock-ups.

And how do the trims and sealing levels run in a junction node with 12 different profiles?

Virtual 3D models were pushed to the limit. We ran tests with 3D-printed profiles – then we were sure that everything would fit.

Until then, everything had been well thought-out, thousands of data records had been generated right up to machine control, but how could we guarantee the agreed qualities and deadlines in such a complex production process?

IKEA inspired us – we wrote a manual for the assembly of the elements in the factory and on the construction site and we also supervised the work on site.

With ideas, commitment, the application of digital technology and our responsibility for the facade from start to finish, we succeeded in bringing a unique facade to life.

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