The first phase after the award of the contract is of particular importance. Often some time has passed since planning and a number of changes may have occurred, the planning team has changed, user requests have been added or additional requirements are putting pressure on the budget. Priedemann checks and assesses whether all of the documents are up to date, complete, feasible and if any improvements can be made, coordinates change management and is the contact for all questions of the planning team concerning the facade.

Before the work is planned
  • Checking that the documents provided are complete
  • Comparison with possible project changes and updates
  • Determining the status quo for the start of construction
  • Checking the system components to be implemented
  • Clarification of unresolved questions, communication with the planning team
While the work is being planned
  • Priedemann checks and comments on the contractor’s structural assumptions as well as the performance in terms of energy and acoustics
  • Checking and evaluating the contractor’s work schedule
  • Checking relevant facade elements and how they interface with other trades
  • Evaluation of the contractor’s planning and system design
  • Checking of technical specifications for materials such as glass, stone etc. as well as data sheets for sealing and insulating materials, surfaces, system descriptions etc.
  • Checking and assessing the facade supply chain for compliance with the applicable guidelines as well as technical and quality standards
  • Comparison of test data with specified or actual performance data
  • Updating change management
Additional services
  • Investigation of options for production, materials and technology, if necessary making improvements whilst retaining the agreed qualities, costs and dates for implementation
  • Evaluation of facade materials that the facade manufacturer provides as an IFC (issued for construction) alternative
  • Statement on the suitability, quality and equivalence of alternative material proposals in relation to the materials in the original plans
  • Assessment and evaluation of the behavior of the products when processed