Finding and fine-tuning the right “adjusting screws” for optimum facade performance during ongoing building operation is part of Priedemann’s holistic approach: From recommending the optimal cleaning system to damage assessment and strategies to limit and repair any damage through to a detailed valuation, we offer a comprehensive consulting service.

Maintenance and Optimization
  • Advice on pending maintenance work on the basis of project documentation or after stocktaking
  • Advice on repair or replacement of components
  • Analysis and recommendations on how to improve the performance of the facade
  • Recommendations on cleaning and accessing the facade
Defect and Failure Investigations | Expert assessments
  • Drafting of expert reports during the utilization phase,
  • on direct damage that has occurred,
  • on the functional and thermal quality of the building shell
  • research into the causes of damage and proposals to remedy them
  • Recommendations for refurbishment or renovation
  • Consideration of time-related and financial effects
Due Diligence | Risk assessment
  • When selling, renting, leasing or otherwise disposing of property, we assess the quality, remaining life and retention of value for the facade
  • Evaluation of the test results and agreement of possible strategies together with the client including comprehensive documentation of the results research into the causes of damage and proposals to remedy them