Arcon Glas
Arcon Glas
Arcon Glas
Arcon Glas
Arcon Glas

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Project sheet (PDF)

Material Data

Front and side elevation
Stick system facade element with structural-glazing joints

  • Insulating glazing arcon sunbelt A60, light transmittance 61 , light reflection outside 14 %, light reflection inside 12, solar factor 33 %
  • Insulating glazing arcon sunbelt A70,light transmittance 70 , light reflection outside 13 %, light reflection inside 13, solar factor 33 %
  • Spandrel acon decolite A+
  • Insulating glazing arcon sunbelt A50,light transmittance 53 , light reflection outside 18 %, light reflection inside 12, solar factor 28 %
  • Insulating glazing arcon sunbelt A40,light transmittance 22 , light reflection outside 22 %, light reflection inside 11, solar factor 23 %

Detail elevation
Performance data are calculated according to EN 410 and EN 673 (ΔT = 15 K), IGU-setup 6-16-4 – 90% Ar

  • Decorative screen printing, view from inside
  • Decorative screen printing, view from outside

Total flexibilty in the execution, toughenable and non-toughenable versions are available, perfect matching of both versions, option of coatings on cut-to-size glass panes with special processing, enameling or screen-printing, no optical dissonances, the solar control coatings are perfectly color-adapted, differences are perfectly harmonised within the product family by color coordination, the arrangement of different coatings is possible next to each other without being disruptive in color.

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