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Project sheet (PDF)

Material Data

Front elevation
Steckpaneel PLUS® (slot-in panel)

  • Aluminum cover cap 2 mm, colour anthracite
  • Aluminium slot-in panels 1 mm, nine parts,
    printed with a „birch forest“ theme
  • Vertical aluminium fin profile, colour anthracite
  • Aluminium panel 2 mm, colour EuraMica Gold-Silver
  • Vertical aluminium profile, colour anthracite


A uniform, consistent and smooth paint layer, customized colours and design, possible width up from 35 to 2,630 mm and thickness from 0.30 to 2.0 mm,
all aluminium alloys and tempers, steel on request, high quality and durability.

Rear elevation

  • Aluminium perforated metal sheet, 2 mm, folded, size 630 × 2815 mm, six-parted,
    colour EuraMica Pyrite Gold-Silver
  • Aluminium Kassette, 0.9 mm, size 610 × 435 mm, Farbe EuraMica Onyx White-Blue
  • same as above, colour EuraMica Onyx White-Green
  • same as above, colour EuraMica Onyx White-Purple
  • same as above, colour EuraMica Pearl White-Expo
  • same as above, colour EuraMica Pyrite Orange-Gold
  • same as above, colour EuraMica Pyrite Gold-Silver
  • Vertical aluminium metal sheet fin 2 mm, folded, colour anthracite

Visible or concealed by retaining clips

Facade cassettes also available in stainless steel, zinc or copper sheets, available thickness of aluminum sheet from 0.9 up to 2 mm, 1 mm thickness for steel sheet, delivery lengths on request, custom manufacturing.

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