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Material Data

Front elevation
Louvre windows system EAL

  • EAL Louvre window, two louvres with stepped solar control glazing “Dark Blue“, element size 1,190 mm x 756 mm, frame and blades as thermally broken profiles, inner profile as aluminium (extruded) profiles and outer cladding as plastic profiles, electric driven
  • EAL WALL Louvre window with solar control glazing “Dark Blue“, element size 1,190 mm x 1,368 mm,
    same system as (1), but electric driven by chain drive
  • EAL Panel, aluminium panel, single louvre, operation as (1), element size 1,190 mm x 493 mm

Rear elevation

  • Louvre window system GG BH, two louvres, with point fixings, superimposed louvre-blades with pivoting stainless steel brackets bolted to the substructure, with concealed stainless steel fittings, electric driven
  • Perforated aluminum sheet, thickness 3 mm, element size 1,190 mm x 354 mm
  • All-glass louvre made of toughened glass,
    element size 1,190 mm x 345 mm
  • Louvre window system STG ISO 36 BT 50,
    five louvre-blades, element size 1,190 × 1355 mm, frame made from extruded, thermally broken aluminium profiles, overall frame depth 50mm,
    with concealed fittings, electric driven
  • System GG SK 30 BT 50, two louvre-blades,
    element size 1,190 mm x 502 mm, electric driven
  • Sun protection by Warema

High isolating construction, all-glass appearance (Structural Glazing) on the outside, max. width 2,500 mm no additional reinforcement on inner side necessary up to an angle of 80°, angle of beam arbitrary, opening fittings and drives integrated into frame, max. glass thickness 46 mm

All surfaces in DB 703

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