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Project sheet (PDF)

Material Data

Textile facade with tensioning system profiles

Front elevation

  • Stamisol silver-metallic fabric FT 381-312
  • Stamisol-Color “Geißblatt” 50217

Rear elevation

  • Stamisol FTP 35 glass-fibre fabric palladium
  • Stamisol-Color cherry 50219

Sealing layer:
Stamisol-Color, facade membrane with Klimaplus, polyester glass fibre for mechanical

Cladding layer:
Stamisol fabric, reinforcement fabric made of high-tenacity polyester fibres with UV protection and biaxial tension to assure a fully straight fibre orientation

FACID tensioning profile EPS 10-190

Ideal for extensive, jointless, ventilated facades – with a minimum of dead load

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