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Project sheet (PDF)

Material Data

Front elevation

  • FOAMGLAS® T4+ insulation board without surface treatment, 100 mm
  • System LIMETICS®, FOAMGLAS® insulation board and natural hydraulic lime plaster of UNILIT, Construction: solid wall construction 100 mm thick FOAMGLAS® insulation boards attached by adhesives, primer coating with embedded glass-fiber reinforcement, supporting structure, lime plaster as finish coating, imbued with natural beige
  • Plinth compound system with thick film of mineral plalster, FOAMGLAS® T4+, 100 mm, with cold adhesive PC SK-FIX and reinforcing mesh, mounting system without thermal bridges
  • FOAMGLAS® with BetoGlas, reverse red enameled glass plate directly stuck onto FOAMGLAS®
  • FOAMGLAS® with Cotte d’Este, stone directly stuck onto FOAMGLAS®
  • System UNOX-Line, façade greening with trellis as growth support, FOAMGLAS® without additional coating possible

Front elevation
Insulation system FOAMGLAS® T4 + insulation boards, inorganic insulation of foamed glass

  • FOAMGLAS®without surface treatment 100 mm, thermal conductivity ≤ 0,041 W/mK
  • FOAMGLAS® „out of the oven“, upper side uneven, bottom side smooth
  • FOAMGLAS® insulation boards modeled and sealed

FOAMGLAS®-insulation boards are impermeable to air and water, constant heat protection at reduced depth as no ventilation is required, no deformation caused by UV radiation, weathering or wind loads, pressure resistant, dimensional stable (no shrinking, no swelling), resistant to acid and pest, fire resistance category A1 (not flammable), ecologically useful as it is recyclable by conversion into granules, maximum dimensions of plate or board according to product type.

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