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Project sheet (PDF)

Material Data

betoShell® NEO30 – Textile Reinforced Concrete

Front and side elevation

  • betoShell® NEO30, 3000 × 1350 × 30 mm,
    surface Fotoconcrete sepia, motive Maria
  • Integrally formed reveal to betoShell® NEO30,
    3000 × 300 × 30 mm, surface BLINGCRETETM
    and relief “concrete” with visible micro glass balls

Rear and side elevation

  • betoShell® NEO30, 1350 × 600 × 30 mm,
    colour white, surface acid etched,
    reveal acid etched
  • betoShell® NEO30, 1350 × 600 × 30 mm,
    colour light grey, surface polished, reveal blasted
  • betoShell® NEO30, 1350 × 600 × 30 mm,
    colour grey, surface Betonglass®, no reveal
  • betoShell® NEO30, 1350 × 600 × 30 mm,
    colour black, surface acid etched with formliner,
    reveal acid etched

Aluminium sub-structure with hanging hooks by undercut anchors, available for all standard fastening systems.

Due to the textile reinforced concrete elements and the special concrete mix, high bending- and tensile strengths and impact resilience levels are achieved, possibility to produce a very thin architectural concrete cladding, which are absolutely equal to architectural precast concrete facades in respect to their optical and haptical appearance. Textile reinforced concrete is distinguished by environmentally-friendly and resource-saving production, individual production, varied surface treatment techniques, similar to natural stone, large-size panels with betoShell® XXL up to 6000 × 3000 mm possible.

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