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Project sheet (PDF)

Material Data

Front elevation
Bended Kalzip profiles,
radius 2135, length 1241 mm

  • Kalzip 65/400/1,0 mm
  • Kalzip 65/400/1,0 mm, perforated
  • Kalzip 65/333/1,0 mm
  • Kalzip 65/400/1,0 mm

Kalzip AluPlusPatina natural aluminium, mill finish, standard, 5 μm passivated coating

Kalzip aluminium clip

Rear and side elevation
Kalzip FC facade system, cut and folded

  • FC 30/400/1,0mm, surface: Polyester RAL 9007
  • FC 30/300/1,0mm, surface: Polyester RAL 9006
  • FC 30/300/1,0mm, surface: AluPlusPatina, Champagne G12
  • FC 30/400/1,2mm, surface: Polyester RAL 7035, perforation R 6/8, perforation ratio 51 %
  • FC 30/400/1,0mm, surface: AluPlusPatina, Champagne G12

Aluminium substructure with a supporting click rail

Each facade panel can be dismantled at any point (e.g. at repairs or to insert scaffolding anchors)

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