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Project sheet (PDF)

Material Data

Front elevation
Wet room interior solution

  • Wet room interior solution
    Following assembly from the outside to the inside:
    5 mm ceramic tiles white, 5 mm tile adhesive, AQUAPANEL® Cement Board Indoor, primer, 2 x OSB panels 22 mm, fastening with AQUAPANEL® Joint Adhesive und AQUAPANEL® Maxi Screws
  • Interior solution, cladding with two layers
    Following assembly from the outside to the inside:
    Knauf Diamant (Knauf gypsum plasterboard, preformed longitudinal edges with HRAK-edges), Knauf vapour barrier LDS; Knauf Diamant, Knauf Insulation 80 mm; Metal profiles Knauf CW75 and UW75 (stud frame)

AQUAPANEL® Cement Board Indoor is waterproof, rigid and impact resistant, fire resistance category A1 (not flammable).

Rear elevation
Exterior Wall System

  • Exterior Wall – Knauf AQUAPANEL® plaster system (following assembly from the outside to the inside: white plaster, primer, exterior basecoating, reinforcement mesh), AQUAPANEL® Cement Board Outdoor (ACB), Knauf Insulation and plate anchors, anchor elements AQUAPANEL® VHF, aluminium load bearing substructure
  • Stud frame system, directly cladded with panels from outside ACB Outdoor, Knauf AQUAPANEL® plaster system, the same as (1), AQUAPANEL® Cement Board Outdoor, AQUAPANEL® Tyvek® Stucco WrapTM, Knauf Insulation 100+50, metal profile Knauf CW150 and UW150 (stud frame)

Physical properties can be adjusted according to requirements by modification of system components, fire resistance category A1 (not flammable), earthquake-proof construction due to the lower weight than static dead load.

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