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Material Data

Front and side elevation 1
Facade cladding with titanium zinc sheets

VMZINC-shingle-facade in PIGMENTO red,
coloured preweathered VMZINC, material thickness 0.8 mm, individual cut to size and folded shingle elements with different dimensions and shapes, fastening with stainless steel clips on fully supported substructure (e.g. timber boarding or trapezoidal profiles)

Maximum possible scope of design, ideal adaptable to different building axes, building shapes and geometries, simple combination of different VMZINC-surfaces

Rear and side elevation 2
Facade cladding with titanium zinc sheets

VMZ Composite-cassette-system, composite is a multilayered panel made up of two sheets of zinc
with 0.5 mm thickness and thermoglued on a polyethylene core (total thickness 4 mm), preweathered surfaces ANTHRA-ZINC and
QUARTZ-ZINC, dimensions 892.5 × 500 mm, corner cassette 442 × 400 × 500 mm, joints horizontal and vertical 15 mm, screwed fastening on vertically oriented aluminium omega-profiles

Composite-cassette-system is characterized by excellent flatness and strength of the individual elements, large elements are mounted in QUARTZ-ZINC and ANTHRA-ZINC-look, both fixings possible, visible and invisible, with total thickness of 4 mm a maximum width of 1000 mm and length up to 4000 mm is possible (length up to 6000 mm on request).

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