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Project sheet (PDF)

Material Data

Stick system facade WICTEC 50,
system width of 50 mm

  • WICTEC 50 Stick system curtain wall with stepped-edge glazing, aluminium profiles
  • Ventilation window, system WICLINE 77 with switch contact and pivoting-sliding fittings from ESCO

Fíxed glazing, stepped-edge glazing 50 mm

  • Outside 10 mm heat toughened glass (heat soak) SUNSTOP Neutral 50 T,
    4-sided milted step 4 mm x 18 mm
  • Cavity 16 mm (Ar 90)
  • ENplus 4 mm (Float)
  • Cavity 16 mm (Ar 90)
  • Inside ZERO 4 mm (Float)

Ventilation window glazing

  • Outer pane 6 mm SWISSPANEL BD 66 S, polished edges, opaque
  • Inner pane laminated glass Swisslamex Typ 8-1 SOK
    (Satinato extrawhite 4 mm, film white opaque 0.38 mm)

Insert panel E6/C35, black,
other profiles, powder coated in IGP-Grey

Unique flexibility of the facade system by various system variants and enhancement options, all comparable after minor adaptions to the system and without compromising on appearance,
Ventilation wing: pivoting-sliding,
max. gap between sash and frame ≤ 120 mm, no additional fall protection required

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