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Project sheet (PDF)

Material Data

Unitized Curtain Wall WICTEC EL60,
system width of 60 mm

  • WICTEC EL60 unitized curtain wall unit, prefabricated in factory including glazing,
    element width 1180 mm x element hight 2690 mm
  • Side hung window with insert frame, WICLINE 77
  • Parapet pane made of glass with glass fixing

Fixed glazing and window glazing, triple insulated glazing 36 mm

  • Outside 6 mm heat toughened glass (heat soak) Selekt T
  • Cavity 12 mm (KR 90)
  • 12 mm Eurowhite (low iron glass)
  • Cavity 10 mm (KR 90)
  • Inside 4 mm Zero (Float)

Glazing parapet pane

  • Laminated glass made of 2 x heat toughened glass (heat soak) with Lars Contzen Decor Nature Circles, edges polished and 6 x SWISSANCHOR
  • Outside heat toughened glass (heat soak) Euroflat 8 mm, colorprint Nature Circles 0.76 PVB clear (gold shades)
  • Inside heat toughened glass (heat soak), Eurowhite 10 mm with SWISSANCHOR, undercut holes in the inner pane behind matt PVB-film

Fixing of elements on site by mounting into preinstalled brackets

Surface brushed (E2),
colour EV 3 granulation 240 (gold)

Unit size up to a max. width 2800 mm and a height of 3500 mm, without mid posts up to 1500 mm width, especially slim sight lines of just 60 mm both inside and outside

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