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Project sheet (PDF)

Material Data

Front elevation

  • System ARTline Invisible
    System for rear ventilated cladding system with GeneCIS Photovoltaik-Modules, developed in cooperation with StoVerotec.
    The unframed GeneCIS solar modules are laminated on carrier plates and hooked into mounting bar profiles fitted to the not visible substructure.
    Modules can be installed both horizontally and vertically oriented.
  • The coloured modules (red and gray) are translucent and have the same colour appearance across the entire surface.

Rear elevation

  • System ARTline Inlay
    System for continuous facade areas with lower module height than AIRline Invisible system.
    The framed GeneCIS solar modules are mounted in black Inlay rails, modules can be installed both horizontally and vertically oriented

ARTline Invisible system offers a homogeneous appearance all over the facade by concealed substructure and a high protection of the modules from weather influences because of the stable glass-glass compound.

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