Working with sample facades even during the planning phase underlines our technical curiosity as well as our responsibility to ensure feasibility. What will a design actually look like? How technically feasible is it? The Facade Lab provided the right infrastructure to do this. The same applies to the innovation-driven area of prototype development for innovative facade solutions.

Based on the data generated at Priedemann, we plan prototypes and sample facades in the Facade Lab. Architects and investors can experience their facade concept using haptics and on a scale of 1:1 and so can check and make any corrections to the design at an early stage. While in the “normal case” a sample facade is only created by the facade builder after the award of the contract, the later result can already be optimized in the design phase. This allows the tender to be formulated more precisely and leaves no room for interpretation thanks to the clear submission.

The sample facade thus allows increased planning and quality assurance. In addition, it can be used for early marketing of the building, for example by being presented to buyers or investors on the future building site. We also offer the possibility to build up sample facades on our own premises.

Specific units of relating to complex functions – for example in the innovation-driven areas of photovoltaics, solar thermal energy, solar cooling, vacuum glass or PCM (phase change material) – are built as prototypes in order to implement new developments, illustrate solutions or test the benefits and performance.