The digital, 3-dimensional simulation of the complete building with all trades involved, including the design, construction and construction processes as well as building operation – that is the idea behind BIM. More and more clients and investors are relying on integrated planning as a BIM model. Priedemann has taken up this challenge.

A facade model designed by us is a complete parametric-digital representative of the facade. Views, sections and additional data can be generated from this information to help determine decision-relevant information and to optimize the manufacturing process of the facade. The data is programmed individually for each project, so that it can be adapted to the specific requirements of the project.

Before we enter a BIM environment, we agree the formats and communication standards for the exchange of data with the parties involved. These standards are specified, tested and confirmed during a kick-off meeting. In this way we ensure that all of the information can be incorporated in the main model right from the start. We know that starting a BIM project without these communication standards involves a considerable risk.