Priedemann offers comprehensive expertise from the determination of noise level values and the resulting requirements for (facade) components to the preparation of noise protection reports and recommendations for the containment of sources of domestic noise. Our services cover the entire planning and execution process.
  • Calculating and adjusting noise level values: We determine the noise-level values that occur locally as the basis for planning the necessary noise protection and the required noise protection values for individual rooms, taking into account the planned use. We compare the values obtained with the legal and project-specific requirements.
  • Determination of the requirements for the facade components: From this we can deduce the requirements for the facade components and recommend suitable constructions and material qualities. We take into account the flank transmission over adjacent components and spaces and influence the arrangement and design of the substructure, the choice of window and glazing types as well as the selection of materials and sensible arrangement of joins
  • Ambient noise level: We determine the ambient noise level and reverberation times in the room and give recommendations on sound absorption and the distribution of sound-absorbing elements and surfaces.
  • Preparation of sound- and noise protection reports: We prepare sound and noise protection reports as part of the approval process.
  • Evaluation of internal emissions: We evaluate the emissions of technical installations and give recommendations for compliance with the prescribed noise level values.
  • Sound pressure: We define the structural conditions for the maximum permissible sound pressure level in rooms where protection is required.
  • Sound absorption: We calculate the sound-absorption surfaces required and propose suitable sound-absorbing materials and surfaces as well as their positioning within the framework of a spatial concept.
    Improving the intelligibility of speech: We develop ways to make speech intelligible and to avoid disturbing echoes in the room.