Facades have to cleaned and maintained. What sounds trivial is a component of facade planning and maintenance, which ensures the long-term value of a project, so it should not be underestimated. Priedemann keeps operating costs low by making the logistics of maintenance and cleaning an integral part of the planning right from the start. This is not only about equipment for maintenance and cleaning, the type and design of the facade itself can make a decisive contribution. Facade solutions that do not take this into account during planning and construction make maintenance more expensive over the entire service life.

  • Moving components: Facades today contain a large number of movable and electrical components. Individual components require regular maintenance. This needs to be taken into account right from the start.
  • Glass: Glass can be damaged, replacing glass must be possible at any point with reasonable effort. Today, individual panes weigh several hundred kilos, floor-to-ceiling triple glazing weighs up to one ton and more. We plan the right solutions for this.
  • Cleaning: Glass cleaning and the cleaning of horizontal surfaces are part of regular operating expenses. We provide simple, secure access with as little technical effort as possible. We make cleaning recommendations and create complete cleaning plans right up to the choice of cleaning agents and necessary intervals with which cleaning can be carried out most effectively.
  • Facade development: We plan all facilities for the development of the facade areas, determine the loads of fall protection systems, walkways and access systems and consider the points of contact and passage through the facade to the building shell during planning.