It all began back in the early 1990s, when the city of Berlin came in the centre of Germany’s reunification. Wolfgang Priedemann saw this opportunity to create his vision of a passionate team of experts all focused into doing one goal successfully: Building Skins.

From that point on, a promising team of facade experts emerged, driven with the passion to excel and surpass written standards. Their unique knowledge and capabilities on doing facades are based on experience and research, with the aim to offer responsibility on the whole life cycle of a building envelope.

We deal with all kinds of projects; be it historical, high performance, sustainable, energy-efficient to a more complex building envelope. We are keen to understand your project’s needs, planning specifically according to your budget and design, as we tailor-make the engineering solutions well-fitted to only YOU.

Clients as Partners
We are constantly aiming to deliver the best possible services to our clients, sharing their prime interest of accomplishing a well-constructed project.
Supporting them from the first concept sketch in an architectural competition until the last screw is tightened on the building, as well as during the entire operational phase

Our clients range from architects, developers, general contractors, fabricators to system suppliers.

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Looking back, we started with just five facade visionaries in a small office in Lankwitz, Berlin. Today, our incredible and dynamic team has grown and is operating worldwide with local knowledge and close relationship with our clients.

We can take on any facade challenges with our family of experienced facade engineers and architects, acoustics and building physicists, highly skilled structural engineers, designers and computer geniuses. For us, every project is unique, so are the solutions and services we provide.

What’s our usual day like?
If you imagine a bunch of nerds and geeks quietly in their corners lost in their own worlds, then you probably may want to look deeper… For behind the facade of seriousness, quietness and sobriety, an inner jester can suddenly pop out unannounced that will suddenly send throes of laughter in the air. Our ordinary days are laced with quirkiness, absolute curiosity, invisible light-bulbs sparkling, wires buzzing here and there, foreheads that crease and smoothen then with dazzled eyes stare into space as if trying to open a portal, to say the least. Yes! This is Us! An ordinary day with extra-ordinary people, definitely not robots, but who knows, we may be inventing our own one soon!

Meet our Team

Our works are not only defined and based on common practice or standards, but we thrive on continuous research, feasible experimentation and developing solutions. This led to the founding of the Facade-Lab in 2010 as a group integrated research and development centre. In collaboration with universities and other scientific institutes, we seek to evolve different facade solutions such as energy efficiency and sustainability through the facade construction. With this, we have created a platform of knowledge transfer between industries and clients alike.

Nowadays, our family of Facade Experts has grown a bit more, but our responsibility remains the same: To provide the best and tailor-made facade solution for each project – with continuous support.

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