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News | April 2023, Großbeeren/ Berlin

Are you looking for a new challenge?

We are looking for new talent to strengthen our diverse team in Berlin-Großbeeren!

Please take a look at our current vacancies.
Which one suits you best? We are looking forward to your application!

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Exhibition | 14-17 March 2023, Cannes, France

MIPIM 2023

Join us for this year’s MIPIM event – only a few days left, and the world’s leading reals estate event brings together all key players!

We look forward to meeting you at the German Pavilion, Booth R 7.G38/02!

Check out the MIPIM website for an overview of all the exhibiting

www. mipim.german-pavilion.com

Lecture | 09 March 2023, Tallinn

Estonian Academy of Arts

On Thursday, Thomas Eschenbach will talk about the “ACT Facade – transparency made energy-efficient” at the “Open Lecture” at the Estonian Academy of Arts.

To get an overview of the Academy calendar, please have a look at the website


Lecture | 08 March 2023, Tallinn

Tallinn University of Technology (TalTech)

Our first presentation in Estonia!
We are delighted to announce Priedemann Facade Experts will participate in the lecture series at Tallinn University with Thomas Eschenbach as a speaker, presenting the “Active Cavity Transition (ACT) Facade.”

For more information, please visit


News | 2022, Großbeeren/ Berlin

Are you looking for a new challenge?

For our headquarters in Berlin, we are looking for aspiring 3D designers, architects and engineers interested in geometry computation and who have a background in making, fabrication and design-processing or even game design and software development.

For more information, please visit

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Lecture | 12 December 2022, Riyadh

ZAK World of Facades – Middle East

Join us for another informative presentation of Priedemann Facade Experts delivered by Micha Pawelka entitled “Essentials for Sustainable Façade Constructions in KSA” at the Zak World of Façades Middle East edition in Riyadh. We are looking forward to seeing you there!

For more information on the conference and the complete lineup of speakers, log onto


Lecture | 08 December 2022, Aachen/ Hybrid Event

PowerSKIN Conference 2022

On Thursday, December 8, 2022, the PowerSKIN conference will be held as a hybrid event at RWTH Aachen University. The core topic is the building envelope’s future contribution to achieving a climate-neutral building stock.

In his presentation: “Active, passive and cyber-physical adaptive façade strategies: a comparative analysis based on case studies”, Jens Böke will give insights into both research projects ADAPTEX and PRÄKLIMA, which serve as case studies on passive and active adaptive façade strategies.
We are looking forward to the event and an exciting discussion.

Image: PowerSkin Conference 2022 – Conference

For more information about the event, please visit the page

PowerSKIN Conference 2022

Lecture | 07 December 2022, Dallas

ZAK World of Facades – North America

If you are in Dallas in December, check out the first edition of ZAK Word of Facades – North America in Dallas. We look forward to seeing you there. More information will be coming soon.

ZAK World of Facades – North America

News | November 2022, Chicago

ADAPTEX was honored as the CTBUH 2022 Award of Excellence in the Innovation category!

We are thrilled to announce that ADAPTEX was honored by CTBUH at this year’s conference in Chicago as the 2022 Award of Excellence Winner in the Innovation category!

The ADAPTEX research project explores adaptable textile solar shading elements that can open and close independently in response to temperature changes.
R&D Team at Priedemann Facade Experts: Paul-Rouven Denz, Puttakhun Vongsingha, Natchai Suwannapruk, Jens Böke

Congratulations to the whole project team on this significant achievement and our great collaboration!

We want to take this opportunity to thank our project partners for our successful collaboration and support:
- Weißensee Kunsthochschule Berlin (KHB)
- Carl Stahl ARC GmbH
- Verseidag-Indutex GmbH
- i-Mesh | Customizable Textile for Architecture & Design
- Fraunhofer IWU
- Schütz Goldschmidt Schneider GmbH
- ITP GmbH
- German University of Technology (GUTech) in Muscat

BMBF Zwanzig20 funds the project within the innovation network smarthoch3.

We are also impressed by the amazing work of the other finalists! Read the list of award winners here:

CTBUH Award of Excellence Winners

News | October 2022, Oman

Retrospective of the realization of an ADAPTEX KLIMA+ test facade at the Eco House of the German University of Technology in Oman

The ADAPTEX research project explores adaptive textile sunshade elements, able to open and close independently in response to temperature changes. Two different design concepts have been developed: ADAPTEX Wave is based on the deformation of textile strips, while the second approach, ADAPTEX Mesh, superimposes two textile layers to open or close the structure. In both approaches, the opening mechanism is enabled by the integration of smart materials, in particular, shape memory alloys (SMA).

Having already demonstrated the operating principle of ADAPTEX wave and mesh prototypes under laboratory conditions, the developments were further investigated in real-world applications. Muscat in Oman, with its particularly high temperatures, offers an ideal climate to test the behaviour under extreme conditions. Therefore, in August 2022, the Priedemann R&D team visited the German University of Technology (GUTech) in Muscat together with representatives of Weißensee Kunsthochschule Berlin (KHB) and Carl Stahl ARC GmbH to install the solar shading system at the university’s ECO House. A decentralized sensor network is part of this implementation and sends data via the cloud as part of long-term monitoring, providing information about the behaviour of the system during operation.

Many thanks to the GUTech, for the opportunity to realize this project and for the great cooperation during the installation. Other project partners are Verseidag-Indutex GmbH and i-Mesh | Customizable Textile for Architecture & Design, whom we also thank very much for their support and cooperation in the ADPATEX KLIMA+ research project. The project is funded by BMBF Zwanzig20 within the innovation network smarthoch3.

More photos in our LinkedIn post

Lecture | 09-12 November 2022, Chicago

CTBUH 2022 International Conference

The CTBUH 2022 International Conference theme this year is “Tall Excellence: Seeking the Ideal in Vertical Urbanism,” featuring, among other events, the 2022 CTBUH Awards Program.

We are delighted to have Priedemann Facade Lab, with Paul-Rouven Denz as a speaker, representing Adaptex for the Innovation award on Friday, 11 November 2022.

To get a detailed overview of the conference schedule, please visit the website

CTBUH 2022 International Conference

Lecture | 07 November 2022, Tel Aviv

ZAK World of Facades – Israel

The first edition in Tel Aviv is coming up.
There is already a great lineup of speakers at the ZAK conference, and Lars will open the conference with his keynote, “Multi-Layered & Adaptable – Our Façades for Tomorrow”. We look forward to seeing you.

Please have a look at the conference’s website for more information:

ZAK World of Facades – Israel

Lecture | 25 October 2022, Riyadh

World of Technal – Seminar on Sustainability and Building Envelopes

We are excited to join the 6th edition of the World Of TECHNAL- Seminar and delighted to announce Lars Anders as keynote speaker- who will be speaking on-“Sustainable Facade Construction for KSA”.

Check out the conference’s website for more information.

World of Technal

Lecture | 20-21 October 2022, Bern

17th Advanced Building Skins Conference

At this year’s ADVANCED BUILDING SKINS Conference, the signs all point to “Ultra Input”! This time, the international event on innovative building skins features a special session (B5) on the ACT Facade. Our Head of Projects, Paul-Rouven Denz, will present together with our project partners “Active Cavity Transition (ACT) Façade – From Realization to Future Application”.
Our partners are: Jaschek Architects, Fraunhofer ISE, Fraunhofer IBE and Transsolar.

Be excited!

For more information, please visit the


Lecture | 20 October 2022, Berlin

ZAK World of Facades – Germany

We are looking forward to Lars Anders’ and Jens Böke’s keynotes at the ZAK event in Berlin this year. Lars will open the event with his keynote “Multi Layered & Adaptable – Our Façades for Tomorrow”, and Jens will present his talk on “Active Cavity Transition (ACT) Facade – From Research to Application” in the afternoon. We are excited and look forward to seeing you there.

For more information and registration, please visit the organizer page:


Lecture | 12-13 October 2022, Los Angeles

Facade Tectonics 2022 World Congress

It is coming up in October! The Facade Tectonics Institute’s biennial World Congress in Los Angeles.

On October 13th, in session 2 of the EFN European Façade Network, Stefan Goebel will give his presentation on “ACT-Facade – Combining facade and ventilation technology for energy efficiency and comfort.”

Do not miss out on this one.

Check out the conference’s website for more information

Facade Tectonics 2022 World Congress

Passed Events 129

Lecture | 26-28 September 2022, Berlin

Design Modelling Symposium Berlin

Together with Maxie Schneider from weißensee kunsthochschule berlin, our Head of Projects Paul-Rouven Denz, will speak about the physical and digital prototyping of the smart textile sun shading ADAPTEX. Get insights on the iterative design process from material to digital tools and the latest realization and testing of ADAPTEX in Muscat, Oman.

Date of presentation:
Chapter III_s, on 27th September 2022 at 1-1:45 PM

Image: Janis Rozkalns / Priedemann Fassadenberatung GmbH

For more information, please visit the website:

Design Modelling Symposium Berlin

Exhibition | 20-23 September 2022, Dusseldorf

We are at the Glass Technology Live 2022 in Düsseldorf!

The glasstec trade fair in Düsseldorf (Germany) takes place from September 20-23, 2022. It is one of the construction industry’s leading international trade fair events.

In this context, the unique show “glass technology live” in exhibition hall 11 will once again showcase innovations and new products related to glass. Priedemann is represented at the exhibition with a total of three cooperative research projects.
In collaboration with the TU Dresden, we present the results of our joint research project Energetic Panel and PRÄKLIMA. Together with the Weissensee Kunsthochschule Berlin, we exhibit the research project ADAPTEX.

We are looking forward to an intensive exchange and exciting discussions during the fair.

Conference website "glass technology live"

News | July 2022, Großbeeren/ Berlin

We can't wait to realize the ADAPTEX research project as a test façade at GUtech's EcoHouse in Muscat, Oman!

In ADAPTEX research project, the Priedemann R&D team is developing together with Weißensee Kunsthochschule Berlin (KHB) and different industrial Partners like Carl Stahl ARC GmbH, Verseidag INDUTEX GmbH and I-Mesh an adaptive solar shading solution consisting of textile-integrated Shape Memory Alloys (SMA).

After the development and optimization of the functional principle as well as extensive tests on material behavior under laboratory conditions, both concepts ADAPTEX WAVE and MESH are now applied under actual climatic conditions of Oman.

The prototypes have already started their journey to Oman.

In August 2022, we will follow ourselves to accompany the assembly and installation of the test façade. We thank the GUTech university for the opportunity of this implementation and look forward to an exciting cooperation with many new impulses and impressions.

More information about the project is available at the following link:

ADAPTEX - Research & Development

News | July 2022, Großbeeren/ Berlin

Successful - mission accomplished

Our Trainee Pia has successfully graduated from her apprenticeship and even ½ year faster. Yay! Congratulations to Pia and the Team of Educators.

As a newly qualified technical system planner for steel and metal construction technology, Pia will now work professionally in our team. A fantastic success that makes us all very happy!

News | 06 July 2022, Berlin

DAREconsulting – Integration Managment Workshop

Have you ever thought about how integration management in companies works?

Once a new employee has signed an employment contract, the integration management journey officially starts…

We are pleased to share that we have attended a workshop on integration management. Organized by @DAREConsulting, we have been invited as a good practice sample and exchanged our experiences & knowledge with other companies in the region. Many thanks to the #DAREConsultingTeam and all participants for the enriching workshop!

Image: LinkedIn-DAREconsulting

Priedemann LinkedIn-Post

News | Juni 2022, Großbeeren/ Berlin

The Priedemann competition entry “EVOCON – Towards a diverging evolution in façade construction” won the METALS IN CONSTRUCTION MAGAZINE DESIGN CHALLENGE 2022!

The competition called for innovative curtain wall solutions that are able to respond dynamically to a wide range of environmental conditions. Based on the premise that a key to sustainable solutions lies in the modularity and circularity of building envelopes, EVOCON addresses this challenge by breaking down the façade structure into its functional layers according to the lifespans of its components. This is allowing for both direct responses and longer-term reconfigurations of the façade system.

The concept was developed by Priedemann Facade Experts: Puttakhun Vongsingha, Natchai Suwannapruk, Avinash Nair, Jens Böke, Paul-Rouven Denz and Lars Anders.

We share the first price with a second winning contribution called GROW and say congrats to the team for the also very exciting entry.

Many thanks to the competition jury for their appreciation and the professional discussion on our concept: Holger Schulze-Ehring (Büro Ehring), Jessica Young (Heintges Consulting Architects & Engineers), Berardo Matalucci (SHoP), Mic Patterson, PhD, LEED AP+ (Facade Tectonics Institute)

For more information on our competition entry and the jury’s evaluation, please visit:

METALS IN CONSTRUCTION - Winners announced in Competition to Improve Indoor Environmetal Quality

News | June 2022, Großbeeren/ Berlin

Innovationsnetzwerk Funktionsfassade – Priedemann's guest at the Facade-Lab Forum

Priedemann is part of the research network Innovationsnetzwerk Funktionsfassade, in which innovations concerning the building envelope are advanced together with the participating partners. Personal meetings and a regular exchange are particularly important for the preparation of new ideas and project applications. Against this background, on 02.06.2022, the second major meeting of the network took place at the Priedemann Facade Lab forum in Berlin. It was an exciting exchange with many new impulses.

Innovationsnetzwerk Funktionsfassade

Lecture | June 9 and 10, 2022, Wuppertal

3. Kongress Energiewendebauen

At the 3rd Congress Energiewendebauen, Paul-Rouven Denz, Head of Projects, will present the TABSOLAR III project together with Fraunhofer ISE as part of the Expo Forum Building Envelope. As part of this, the façade integration of the solar thermal collector made of Ultra High-Performance Concrete (UHPC) will be highlighted using a first demo façade in Kassel.

Image: www.energiewendebauen.de

More informationen about the conference