The aim of Priedemann’s thermal-structural planning is to minimise heat losses and undesirable heat input through the exterior of the building and to avoid damage caused by weather conditions. The range of services includes identifying all influences and values relevant for the facade structure as well as the exact dimensioning and determination of the materials for the layer structure of the facade.

  • Thermal insulation: On the basis of local and specific project requirements and after evaluation of the technical building plan, we determine the necessary values for thermal insulation in the summer and winter.
  • Energy standards: We take into account which energy standards and objectives must be met – such as KfW requirements, low and passive house standards or requirements of green building labels such as LEED, BREAM or DGNB.
  • Materiality: We calculate the necessary U-values and resulting insulation thicknesses, make specific material suggestions, give advice on the correct wall structure and determine the g-values taking into account the measures selected to provide protection from the sun.
  • Overall energy performance: We determine the necessary values from building services and the facade to work out the overall energy performance of the building. An important component, especially in residential buildings, is the calculation of the transmission heat loss of the entire exterior of the building.
  • Isothermal profile and thermal bridges: We analyse the isothermal profile within the planned or implemented construction, calculate 2 or 3 dimensional thermal bridges and give recommendations to avoid condensation forming
  • Component construction with layer construction: Depending on the commission, we draw up a catalogue for the entire building or selected components, which shows the scale of each individual component in its layer structure and specifies the material qualities in order to give those involved in planning certainty about the structural-physical qualities of the planned construction.
  • Advice throughout every phase: This is the basis on which we advise architects and builders, general contractors and facade manufacturers, whom we assist in all planning and implementation phases.